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Educator and Chef Lori Hinze

Lori HinzeLori Hinze, educator and chef began her career as a public school teacher before launching her own culinary businesses.  In June 2003, she began with the Kitchen Cottage, teaching private children’s cooking classes.  Simultaneously, she began her catering business specializing in creating special memories for a wide range of events.  In June 2008, after 10 years of teaching full time, Lori traded in her chalkboard for a cutting board to grow her ventures into a full time culinary/educational business. The Kitchen Cottage has grown into, Cook, Learn, Grow., a cooking and food literacy program integrating Lori’s areas of expertise: education and cooking.  Her exciting classes combine a fun academic curriculum with hands-on cooking.  She’s also taught private kid’s classes for Central Market’s Cooking School and the Junior League’s Kid’s in the Kitchen program.

Lori has cooked alongside of some of the country’s most elite chefs while volunteering at the James Beard House in New York City including, LA Chefs Govand Armstrong and Ben Ford, Chef Eve Aronoff, Philadelphia’s Chef Georges Pierre and Chris Scarduzzi, Kendall Jackson’s Chef Justin Wrangler, NYC’s Chef Matt Hughes and many others.  Lori is also a repeat demonstration chef at Becker Vineyard’s annual Lavender Festival in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and special events chef at Santa Margarita Ranch.

Cooking in NY’s L’Ecole Restaurant and Claret Wine Bar also encompass her experience as well as working front of the house for Zagat’s #1 NYC most popular restaurant, Union Square Café.

Texas Cooking Classes

Lori Hinze, recipient of the 2007 Walmart Teacher of the Year, experienced educator and chef graduate of the French Culinary Institute, NYC, believes that blending cooking and education teaches kids more than  just how to prepare a meal.  Cooking reinforces literacy, math, science, nutrition and social skills while exploring diverse foods.  Cooking also helps boost self-confidence, creative inspiration and life long skills.

Lori is passionate about teaching and feeding people, inspiring others to choose real, unprocessed food, and bringing integrity back to the dinner table.  

Lori is available to be a guest chef, chef instructor, curriculum and recipe developer, food blogger, food business consultant, and presenter. 

Chef Heather Hunsaker

Heather HunsakerChef Heather Hunsaker has been developing family friendly meals since the tender age of nine in her mother's kitchen. Years later she pursued her dreams, attending and graduating in 2006, from the world renowned Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts, formerly known as Texas Culinary Academy. Heather has years of restaurant, bar, and catering experience. Currently Chef Heather serves as a freelance chef consultant, food writer, and recipe developer and has been featured in the Tahoe Daily Tribune, The Tampa Tribune, and in various other print and online media. Heather maintains the cooking blog, Kitchen Concoctions, which features fast, affordable, family friendly meals; as well as cooking tips and food education. Prior to attending Le Cordon Bleu, Heather attended Texas A&M University with plans to teach High School English, but gave in to her culinary passions and pursued a career in culinary arts. Heather is passionate about food and cooking and enjoys sharing this passion with others.